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Factory Reset?

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badmelonfarmer posted on 29 Mar 2011 3:50 PM



Is there a way to do a factory reset on an Eclipse like on the Factor pedals so that all settings go back to as if you just received it from the factory?


I figured out how to reset the midi maps and erase user presets, but as i am playing around I wondered if there is a way to get back to the start.


I could not see anything in the manual or by doing a quick interweb search.



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Here you go.


Initializing the Eclipse – erases user presets

With the Eclipse powered off, press and hold the 8 key and then power the unit on. It will load processing code; then the OS version; then it will say "Clear Internal Memory?" Select Yes. It will clear memory, initialize and then will load and display preset number 100 "Mute Series". This is to indicate the process is complete.


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DOH!! of course..." Initiali-Z-ing"... being english I searched for the british spelling "Initialising" LOL i forgot the factors used the US spelling.


Thanks for the prompt reply

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